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Midwifery Care in the
Heart of the Commonwealth

Perinatal Care Pregnancy Birth Postpartum

Perinatal Care: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Individualized, comprehensive care for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Home birth services available in Central Massachusetts and Northeastern CT,  within approximately an hour’s drive from the Worcester office. Full-scope care includes access to labs and ultrasounds, regular prenatal visits with the midwifery team, home birth care including use of birthing pool kit if desired, and postpartum care for parent and baby including postpartum visits at home and in office. As a licensed independent healthcare provider, your midwife has the ability to order any necessary tests, prescribe medications if needed. If the need or desire for OB or other specialist consultation arises, our team will facilitate that connection for you with our local colleagues.

Preconception Care Worcester MA


Many people looking to grow their family need some support trying to conceive, yet do not need the style or level of intervention found at most fertility clinics.  Often, midwives are a great fit for your family building journey! Our team can assist with tracking fertility, Trying to Conceive (TTC) education, conception services, and provide guidance on health and lifestyle choices when TTC. We are always happy to work with all types of families, including independent parents and those planning to use donor sperm.

Reproductive and Sexual Wellness Care

Reproductive & Sexual Wellness Care

Holistic sexual health consultations, including annual GYN visits, fertility, contraception and visits to address concerns.  We offer labs for screening and diagnosis including Paps and STI screening, as well as both prescription and nonprescription treatment options. Visits include ample time to discuss questions and concerns, and care planning is based on your individual priorities and preferences. We strive to provide welcoming, trauma-informed care in a relaxing environment so clients can feel safe to communicate and receive the care they want and need.

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