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Lactation Consulting & Feeding Care

Lactation Consulting
& Feeding Care

Board Certified Lactation Consultant Worcester

Our lactation and feeding team includes our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) & Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Michelle Letendre, who can assist you in reaching your infant feeding goals, whether that be human milk, formula feeding or a combination. Michelle’s expert knowledge can help you navigate uncertainties around latching, milk supply, pump selection and fitting, bottles and pacifiers, and starting solid food. Clients can plan a prenatal lactation consult, as well as receive care in the immediate postpartum through toddlerhood. Michelle has expertise in evaluating and treating more complex feeding challenges including concerns about oral ties (“tongue-tie” or “lip-tie”) and other oral-motor issues, often using a multidisciplinary approach to support feeding and other developmental skills.

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